Term II Honor Students

Highest Honor: (90 or better GPA)

2nd Grade: Quinn Sullivan, Ava Sutter
                  5th Grade: Joshua Canning, Nicholas DaRocha, Lilly Syron
                  7th Grade: Samantha DaRocha, Leana Karam
                  8th Grade: Brianna Diogo, Arianna Gagliardi, James Powers, Mackenzie Syron
Honor Roll: (80 – 89 GPA)

2nd Grade: Benjamin Hanley, Caitlin Mateus, Andrew Ready, Xander Schenck
3rd Grade: Jamison DeFaria
4th Grade: Trevor Arruda, Harrison Carter, Tyrese DaRosa, Lindsey Powers,
Magdalena Steinhof, Dakota Valcourt
5th Grade: James Almeida, Matthew Canning, Sophie Wood, Chazanna Zeitz
 7th Grade: Michael Canning, Mitchell Carter, Bailey Costa, Liam Kidd, Evan Taylor,
Gregory Taylor, Andrew Torres
                  8th Grade: Wilhelmina Steinhof, Chloe Wood
Perfect Attendance:

1st Grade: Anthony Almeida, Mia Carter
         4th Grade: Harrison Carter
         5th Grade: Matthew Canning            
7th Grade: Leana Karam

The Antioch School provides its students with strong academic and social skills. Students are taught the values of trust, sharing and self-esteem through constant reinforcement of positive behavior.


Why do parents choose Antioch for their children?

Our parents are committed to providing their children with exceptional education in an environment that values personal responsibility, critical thinking, and respect. An outstanding student/teacher ratio coupled with caring faculty, and a commitment to character development.

Does Antioch offer after school programs?

Antioch offers a wide range of programs including theatre, culinary arts, science clubs, music lessons and so much more. As a “parent operated” school, we encourage parents and other members of the community to enrich our current after school programming with a variety of activities of an educational and recreational nature.