Our Staff

John Frost

7th & 8th Grade Teacher

Diane Correia

Vice Principal
5th & 6th Grade Teacher
Laurie Leal
3rd & 4th Grade Teacher

Alisa Inman

2nd Grade Teacher

Serena Landry
1st Grade Teacher

Sarah Heatherly

Kindergarten Teacher

Patricia King

Preschool Lead Teacher

Briana Barboza

Preschool Teacher

Andrea Rebello

Preschool Teacher

Mara Delgado

Spanish (Elementary)

Kayla Medeiros

Spanish (Middle School)

Polly Moss

Office Manager

John Frank

Physical Education

Gina Bramwell


David Alves






Antioch provides a safe and nurturing environment where each student's potential is maximized.

Our faculty encourages creativity and critical thinking, and offers a wide variety of co-curriculum activities in addition to the exceptional academic program.

A consistent focus on best practices and organizational quality and performance ensure the continuation of high standards.