Letter From the Principal

Our logo “Tradition of Excellence” offers a simplistic description of our history. Our purpose is exemplified in our mission statement, which reads:

“Antioch School is committed to helping our students become lifelong learners and good citizens. Our small class sizes and safe nurturing environment promote excellence in learning and self-confidence. Our staff is dedicated to providing exceptional instruction through traditional and creative curriculum.”

Antioch is an educational community, where parents, educators and the larger community come together to support students in maximizing their potential. As a ‘parent operated’ school, the level of parental involvement is unprecedented. Individualized education focuses not only on the traditional curriculum of reading, writing, and arithmetic but also on supporting our students to become critical thinkers and productive members of the larger community.

John Frost



Stanford Testing

  • In Antioch’s continuing quest to assist our student’s to reach their highest academic potential every spring we spend two weeks administering the Stanford Academic Tests, a nationally top ranked series of subject based questions.  These exams are given during the same period across the country, in private and public schools.  We choose to evaluate everyone of our students from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.
  • This is not a pass / fail procedure, but rather it gives us a two fold mark: how each student’s knowledge compares to others in the country and how each student’s achievement status compares  to their grade level.  With their results in hand we can evaluate the progress of each individual student yearly and the administration can further improve our present curriculum.
  • The entire process allows the administration, staff and parents to keep current with the needs of each individual student.


Specialty Programs

Antioch provides a safe a nurturing environment where each student’s potential is maximized. Our faculty encourages creativity and critical thinking, and offers a wide variety of co-curriculum activities in addition to the exceptional academic program.

At Antioch School We Believe:

  • Parents should be encouraged and given the opportunity to be deeply involved in their child's educational growth.
  • The school should help
    the child develop self-confidence and a positive self-image.
  • • We should encourage children's natural curiosity through investigating, experimenting and achieving.
  • School experiences should reinforce and encourage the natural love of learning in each student.
  • • School should assist children in learning to socialize.
    • Physical education is an imperative part of the learning process.

  • We Strive To:
  • • Educate the whole child.
  • • Fully know each child through both formal and informal methods.

    Maintain small class size for individual attention.

    • Emphasize the virtues of integrity and respect for others.

    • Establish a learning environment that encourages self-discipline and taking responsibility for actions appropriate to a child's level of development.

  • Provide a wide range of artistic endeavors for the fulfillment of each student's creative modes.



The Antioch School provides its students with strong academic and social skills. Students are taught the values of trust, sharing and self-esteem through constant reinforcement of positive behavior.